Ari Parker Enjoys A Warm White Cum Bath


Billy Blast. The name alone is a dead giveaway for what this man is capable of doing. Ari Parker is none the wiser when her path crosses with him. She’s vibrating her snatch and in the midst of a powerful orgasm when Billy rudely interrupts her. He’s jealous of the fact that she’s given herself multiple orgasms while his balls are backed up. Lucky for him, Ari is willing to play with his cock. She’s just not willing to sacrifice her own pleasure so Billy has to settle for getting jerked off while the pretty babe masturbates.

He doesn’t mind at all, as long as he gets the release he craves. Ari Parker lubes up Billy’s dick and strokes it with all her might but her trusted vibe stays firmly pressed against her clit. She wants to nut again too. Billy’s dick grows bigger and harder in her hands and just watching it grow gets Ari even closer to yet another release. She gets her nut and then decides to focus exclusively on getting the horny guy off. Still completely naked, the slender tanned babe goes down on her knees and starts working Billy’s dick with both her hands.

No words are exchanged as this hand on cock transaction takes place. Ari Parker knows what’s expected of her but what she doesn’t know is what’s coming at her. Billy’s balls are packed to the brim and whenever he’s this packed, he tends to shoot out loads capable of drowning a person. Ari doesn’t know this. So, when Billy tells her to lean back, she thinks he’s just going to cum on her stomach but he surprises her by soaking her whole body his warm white cum.

Ari Parker from cum blast city
Ari Parker porn video
Ari Parker porn video
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