Soaking Anastasia Rose with Warm White Sperm


anastasia-rose-pornSome girls like to suck cock, others like to jerk cock and Anastasia Rose is a card carrying member of the latter club. You want her to suck you off and give you a much needed release but this brunette teen babe is more interested in milking your cock until you explode. She knows you haven’t had a release in a long time and she shamelessly takes advantage of you in this new episode from but you don’t mind because you end up soaking her tits and face with your warm white sperm!

Anastasia Rose stops by to see you and soon enough she’s planted in between your legs with her hands wrapped around your erect cock. She knows you have a backed up load in your balls because you haven’t cum in a while and her sole mission today is to make you cum. You want her to use her mouth to accomplish this mission but she’s more of a hands on kind of chick who prefers to use her hands to get the job done and so she wins out and ends up gliding her hands up and down your throbbing cock.

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Even you have to admit that she’s quite skilled with her hands and the way she sensually but playfully tugs at your prick leaves you with no other alternative but to come closer and closer to explosion and she can sense that too but she doesn’t slow down one bit. Instead Anastasia Rose increases the pace of her stroking until a massive load shoots out of your prick drenching her pretty face, hands and all natural slightly droopy tits.

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