Krystal Orchid Is A Sperm Nerd


There is nothing more humiliating than getting busted in the nude right before you get yourself off and this is the kind of embarrassing situation Krystal Orchid finds herself in when Jeremy walks in on her right as she’s about to masturbate in this scene from Things get really awkward and tense between them but the quick thinking teen hottie decides to wank Jeremy off to lessen the awkwardness between them. What she doesn’t anticipate is the gigantic cumload he splashes all over her at the end of their cock stroking session but even though it catches her off guard, she very clearly enjoys it!

Krystal Orchid is both pissed and embarrassed that she’s been caught red handed about to dip her fingers into her tight wet pussy. She’s pissed because she needs to get off but since she can’t do that now, she decides to help Jeremy get off. She’s already naked so the only thing left for her to do is slide in between his legs and once there she grabs his dick with both her hands, stroking it ever so gently while fondling his balls at the same time.

Jeremy tenses up as the blonde nerd with glasses increases the pace of her stroking. He can feel the cum bubbling up from his balls and once Krystal Orchid has him right where she wants him to be, she kneels in front of him so he can spurt his semen all over her but she’s not ready for the monster load of cum that comes gushing out of his pointed prick and hits her right in the face, drenching her glasses and entire body!

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