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Skunk My Face - Oct 23
Take it All - Oct 9
Chloe Skyy is hanging out with Bill at her place, and they both have in mind to take advantage of her father's absence. The hot teen uses some lube and starts stroking his erected boner on the couch when he quickly spunks all over her face.
Even though she wont admit it, Jenna Marie has always secretly wondered what it would feel like to jerk off her friend's brother and make him cum with just her hands and she gets her chance on this particular day when she finds herself alone at home with him.

Cum Covered - Sep 26
Cock and Cum - Sep 17
Brooklyn Daniels is a good daughter who obeys all the ground rules laid out by her parents but when her parents are away, she plays and she plays really hard. Her favorite toy to play with is her boyfriends pecker which is ripe for a milking.
Dan has some big balls for a 18 year old kid. He hasn't masturbated in weeks and has a monster load in store for his fuck toy cougar Stacie Starr. She tugs and sucks him off when he bastes her face with a HUGE cumload.

Horny As Fuck - Sep 10
Morning Milking - Aug 6
Kimber Woods is on the prowl for cock and cum and she knows the person to approach for both. She finds him hanging out on the couch and immediately puts the moves on him. Her approach is rather simple, she disrobes and then starts caressing her assets.
Cute teen Jennifer Bliss likes to make breakfast for her boyfriend, but she realizes she has no eggs or milk. The young guy is really angry and horny, and makes her jerk his dick for some milk of his own. She jerks and sucks his dick when he unleashes his man goo for her.

Milf Explosion - Aug 1
Nerd Sperm - Jul 23
Nikki finds her way in between Billy's legs with his boner staring directly at her and the inner whore in her simply cant resist latching on it. She grabs the base of that cock and starts pumping it's girth, getting off on feeling it throbbing in her soft palm.
Teen Krystal Orchid gets caught naked in her room, she is embarrassed and the only way to break the tension is to get down and dirty by milking Jeremy's hard dick. She jacks and jerks and gets sprayed with an a cumload in biblical proportions.

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