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Odette Delacroix Facial - Mar 12
Youthful Facial Gel - Mar 5
Odette Delacroix is a French college student who visits the States for first time. The innocent teen girl does not speak English at all, however it seems that jerking is an international language. She takes a liking to the hung stud and ends up with a monster load across her face.
When sexy redheaded teen Alex Tanner starts bitching about her shower gel Pike decides to shut her up by pulling out his monster sized dick and letting her go to work on it. She strokes him so good he bursts all over her face for some facial gel of his own.

Mardi Gras Juice - Feb 28
Brad Busts Big Loads - Feb 19
When party chick Leigh Rose loses her friends at Mardi Gras she's quick to make a new friend in Pike. Unbeknownst to Leigh this handsome stranger is packing some juice. With a monster cock and an ever bigger monster load he spurts on her face with a major cumshot.
Petite Asian hottie Kimmy Lee loves to watch cock erupt with cum. Especially if the guy has not busted his nut in a while because she knows its going to be large load. She likes it when its creamy and this is exactly what she gets when she meets up with Brad.

Chi Chi Cummed On - Feb 12
Facial Workout - Feb 4
Top heavy and tight, Chi Chi wants to get a monster facial and nothing will stop this latina teen babe from making her man burt buckets of semen. She teases him with her tight body while playing with a hula hoop only to be massivly cumblasted.
Gemma Nicole is the kind of chick who likes to keep her body toned so it comes as no surprise that working out is one of her favorite things and you’ll often find her either in the gym or rotating on her work out ball trying to keep everything tight

Good Lil Milker - Feb 2
Payton Hall Gets Blasted - Feb 1
Isabella Gonzales is known as a teen handjob slut. The cute Latina comes in the room and does not waste her time at all. She grabs Billy's monster cock and sensually strokes it asking for a big cumshot. Billy gives her what she has asked for. A huge cum explosion on her sexy face and body.
To say that Payton Hall is dressed like a cheap slut for her all ladies night out would be being kind. The blonde MILF is definitely not dressed appropriately for her age which greatly displeases her stepson Brad. He decides to hide her keys to force her to change her outfit but what he doesn't count on is the counter offer she comes up with which is to jerk him off in exchange for the keys.

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