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I want you to cum all over me as I masturbate. That’s what Paris Rose says to her nephew Billy when he rudely interrupts her masturbation session. The older babe is so close to giving herself the ultimate orgasm when she opens her eyes to find Billy watching her. He’s furiously wanking his own meat to his Aunt’s toying. The horny guy promises to go away and let her finish if she gives him a hand. Aunt Paris could never say no to her favorite nephew, so she pauses her own pleasure to service him.

Billy grabs a bottle of lube and hands it to Paris Rose. She gleefully rubs a ton into his dick and tugs him firmly while telling him to cum for her. But Billy is in no rush to cum, in fact, he takes his sweet time getting to the finish line. He warns his Aunt about his monstrous load, especially given that he hasn’t had a release in a minute. She brushes him off. Then Paris issues a command that truly fascinates her nephew. She tells him to shoot his load all over while she masturbates.

Its almost like Billy was created for this exact moment. He watches Aunt Paris Rose spread out on the bed and feverishly rub her shaved snatch. Watching her go to town on her pussy with that much energy whips Billy’s hormones into a frenzy. He jerks his dick off furiously and before long, a gigantic load of cum shoots out of his dick. It catches Paris completely off guard! Just when she thinks her nephew is done shooting his load, even more cum shots out of his pointed dick. It completely soaks Paris’ twat and lower body. The look on her face when she realizes just how much cum Billy had in him is priceless.

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