Krystal Orchid Gets Her Pretty Face Blasted

Krystal Orchid Teen Porn Facial


Krystal Orchid is that one friend you simply can’t leave with your man or your dad because you know she’ll make a beeline for their cock the second you leave the room, which is exactly what happens in this new episode from when the naughty redhead teen is left alone with her best friend’s dad. She charms his towel off with her sweetness and before long his cock is in her mouth and hands as she works feverishly to make it explode. Her efforts pay off big time when a monster load of jizz lands on her pretty face.

There aren’t many things on earth that Krystal Orchid loves as much as she loves big cocks and whenever she comes across one, she can’t help but wrap her hands around it and stroke it to completion. This makes her the perfect hook up buddy for her best friend’s dad who spreads his legs wide open right on the couch and surrenders his big dick to the petite teen babe to do as she pleases. The way she dives in gives away the fact that she’s lusted after this cock for a while and she wants to make sure she doesn’t blow her chance.

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Even though Krystal Orchid is a teen, she’s insanely good with her hands and she has no qualms about stroking the throbbing schlong pointing up at her. In fact, she doesn’t just stroke it but she also sinks her mouth down on it and sucks it hard, slurping up any pre-cum dripping out of the head. Then the redhead vixen twists and turns both her hands on the big dick until a huge load of cum shoots out and smacks her right in the face!

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