Kandi Hart: BBQ And A Facial


In Kandi Hart’s world, a good blowjob far outweighs a good BBQ so when William can’t get the grill to work right, the horny babe decides to distract him with a blowjob. But guys are serious about their bbq so this puts William in a very tough spot. Does he focus on the grill or does he give in to Kandi’s cravings? He chooses the latter which turns out to be an excellent decision. She’s so ready to get it on that she doesn’t even wait until they make it back in doors.

Instead, Kandi Hart brings her mouth down to William’s dick right in the backyard. He’s nervous about being seen by the neighbors but once her warm mouth meets his dick, all the nervous energy melts away. Kandi is so damn good with her mouth. She turns the lucky man on so much that he reaches underneath her skirt and fingers her wet snatch. In between all the fingering and sucking, the duo finds time to make it inside where they can continue having fun without fear of interruption.

The sexy babe finds a comfortable spot to kneel in front of the fireplace. William towers over her and brings his dick to her lips. She sucks it hard and then rubs it all over her coochie. His moaning tells Kandi that he’s enjoying this kind of thing just as much as she is. More sucking and stroking follows and Kandi Hart begs William to cum. Little does she know what she’s asking for. See, William doesn’t shoot out a small load like some dudes. His balls are loaded with goop and when he’s ready to nut, he almost drowns the petite babe in his cream!

Kandi Hart from cum blast city

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