POV Facial With Dixie Lynn


New comer Dixie Lynn isn’t just your typical teen. She’s got the pigtails and the cute freckles but she’s also very efficient with her hands. Today the freckle-faced cutie wants to show you just how good she can be. Fucking you is off the table, per Dixie, but jerking you off isn’t. In fact, she can’t wait to wrap her beautiful long manicured nails around your long dong. You give her a heads up about all the cum you have backed up inside you but she’s not scared. If anything, hearing you tell her you haven’t cum in four months motivates her to wank you off even more.

Dixie Lynn flips back her pigtails and looks up at you as her hand takes possession of your cock. She doesn’t want to miss a single one of your reactions to her cock stroking. You moan as she uses a forward and backward stroking motion to get things started. Your dick is more than ready for some hand loving from the cute teen. It responds to her touch by hardening some more. This makes Dixie one happy chick.

Happy babes always go the extra mile and for Dixie Lynn, that means jerking your dick to completion. She smiles seductively as she polishes your dick. Her fingers hit every sweet spot on your shaft which brings you closer to a release. You want to cum on Dixie just as badly as she wants you to nut on her. As she strokes your boner, she looks up at you with pleading eyes. That’s your cue to give her that load. “I’m cumming” is the only warning you give her but before she can process what’s happening, her whole body is drenched in your warm semen.

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Dixie Lynn porn video
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