Jimmy Longwood Blasts Teacher Stacie Starr In Class


Getting sent to detention because you were caught masturbating is humiliating for most people. But to Jimmy Longwood, its a badge of honor. In fact, while in detention, he uses it to actually get more action from the least likely person in the room – his own teacher! She’s heard rumors around the school that this young man has a particular skill set and she’s very eager to see if there’s any truth to those rumors. Now, Ms. Stacie Starr should know better than to cross this line with a student but she goes there anyway.

Jimmy is only too happy to play along. He’s down for any game that involves him showing his dick. He has a long, thick prick and he’s super proud of it. But even he is a little taken back when Stacie Starr offers to jerk him off. She calls it an “experiment” to put the student at ease. He’s backed up and the thought of getting jerked off while in detention definitely turns him on a great deal. So, he pulls his pants down and yanks his dick out.

The size of that dong blows Stacie Starr’s mind. Its even bigger than she imagined! She excitedly reaches for a bottle of lube and slathers it all over the big dick. Then she strokes it tenderly before bringing her lips down to the big dick and kissing it. The kiss turns into a full blown sucking which is accompanied by a stroking. Come hell or high water, Ms. Starr is determined to extract cum out of her student’s dick. She gets her wish when Jimmy points his dick at her and soaks her in a flood of cum!

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