Carley Covered In Thick Creamy Nut


Baseball or a handjob? That’s the tough choice Billy has to make. On one hand, he really wants to watch the game but on the other hand, he badly could use a cum extraction. For his girlfriend Carley, the choice couldn’t be any clearer. She wants to extract her man’s nut and if it means turning off the game and making him miss a couple of innings, so be it. The sexy brunette knows that convincing Billy to turn away from his baseball game won’t be easy but she has a secret weapon that never fails to get his attention. She pops her perky titties out at him and just like that, Billy forgets about the game.

Carley is just getting started though. Now that she’s got Billy’s attention, she slides in between his legs and starts playing with his massive dong. It’s almost like it recognizes her touch because it springs to attention with each caress. This makes the hottie super happy. She talks dirty to Billy as she jacks him off and her stroking is so on point that within no time at all, the game is no longer on his mind!

What’s at the fore front of Billy’s brain is the fact that he hasn’t nutted in a long time. That means he’s got a ton of jizz backed up in his balls. Carley doesn’t know this and Billy doesn’t volunteer this information. Instead, he lays back and watches her polish his dick, first with one hand and then with two hands. She badly wants him to cum for her and he wants to cum on her just as bad. As he nears the point of explosion, he grabs his dick and strokes it until a huge batch of baby batter shoots out of it and lands on Carley’s exposed tits and face.

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Carley stroking cock
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