Skylar Harris Blasted With Cum


Skylar Harris has got a new man and she can’t wait to show him how crazy she is about him. She figures the best way to do that is by jerking him off but what she doesn’t know is that he hasn’t had a release in weeks and his cum is backed up deep in his balls. He’s been saving it for a special girl like her and when he finally releases it, it shocks the hell out of her and blinds her too!

But as this new video from shows, this blonde cutie wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a cum craving nympho after all so any time she gets to play with cum is a total win for her which is why the minute she finds herself alone with her new man in his room, she immediately unbuckles his pants and frees his dick, which she strokes while playing with his balls. The lucky guy lays back and lets Skylar Harris do all the work, something she actually doesn’t mind.

A few strokes is all it takes to awaken the cock from its limp state and watching it come alive gets Skylar Harris worked up, in a good way. She tightens her grip around the massive pecker and tugs it hard with one hand while staring up at her man daring him to cum for her but he does one better by not just cumming but by exploding all over her in a very shocking massive cumshot!

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