Redhead Teen Alyssa Hart Begs Her Step Brother For His Thick Goo


alyssa-hart-amazed-at-her-step-brother's-big-cockThe latest update on is an episode that shows a teaching moment between a step brother and his very curious much younger sibling. It stars the unstoppable teen cutie Alyssa Hart giving her step brother the handjob of a lifetime.

Alyssa Hart is a sexually inexperienced teen babe who rudely awakens her hung step brother to find out first-hand what the big deal is with this mysterious “goo” stuff her friend keeps talking about. She eagerly jumps on her bed and expresses shock at seeing his cock poking out of his boxers. Alyssa then proceeds to slam him with questions while playing with his prick. He protests at first citing the fact that they are step siblings but quickly gives up and gives in to her cock stroking.

For a tiny chick, she has a very strong grip and she surprises her step brother with her immense talent when it comes to stroking cock. Unsure about what she’s doing, the petite cutie questions her sibling whether her stroking feels good as she wraps both her hands around his throbbing hard dick. She bounces up and down the bed and hums happily as she continues to work the cock. Mike then hands her some lube and she pours a ton on the tip of his cock before tenderly rubbing it in.

alyssa-hart-grips-a-hard-cock alyssa-hart-performs-a-handjob-on-her-step-brother alyssa-hart-milks-cum-out-of-cock

Alyssa then removes her top and shows off her small perky tits as her hand assault on Mike’s cock continues. She equates stroking his hard prick to exercise but concedes that beating Mike’s cock is a lot more fun. The redhead teen further tightens her grip on the erect cock before her and she takes turns alternating between fast and slow strokes until Mike announces that he is ready to cum.

The announcement serves as a kind of aphrodisiac for Alyssa Hart and her strokes get faster and faster until three loads shoot out of Mike’s cock in a continuous loop. This entire teaching moment can be viewed right now at along with other hot handjob and cumshot videos.

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