Billy Drenches Hailey With His Massive Cumload


hailey-seducing-billyMost guys would welcome a distraction even when they are hunched over their laptops trying to meet a deadline especially when that distraction comes in the form of a stunning teen called Hailey but Billy is in no mood to entertain any distractions and he waves off the horny teen so he can keep working. She tries to get his attention by prancing around in just a bra and short shorts but he ignores her until she takes matters into her own hands – literally. This super fun full length video can be watched exclusively on

Always the workaholic, Billy is hard at work when the very sexy Hailey comes to his work station wearing next to nothing. She shows off her tramp stamp as she tries to distract him by flaunting her ass in his face but Billy is not having any of it. The sexy attention whore then decides that the best way to get what she wants is by simply taking it so she grabs Billy by the shirt and shoves him onto a sofa where he watches her strip naked before she rips off his shorts.

hailey-tickling-billys-big-balls hailey-jerking-off-billy hailey-makes-billy-burst-a-nut

Billy attempts to resist being undressed and he puts up a rather good fight but Hailey is determined to get him naked and she dominates him until his cock is freed from his shorts. She grabs his limp dick and strokes some life into her. Her soft hands prove to be magical because that cock shoots right up and stands at attention giving Hailey more meat to work with. She pumps Billy’s hard cock with her hands and expertly alternates between jerking him off and tickling his balls. The tickling and stroking combination drives Billy over the edge and before long, a steady stream of cum comes shooting out of his shaft.

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