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Pocahontas is giving her boyfriend a handjobThere’s nothing worse than an irritated girlfriend. Pocahontas is a very irritated GF. Her boyfriend has been ignoring her all day so she decides to get his attention by wanking his dick for him. He’s surprised but not turned off by her aggressiveness and as this video from shows, he allows her to have her way with him because he knows deep down he’s got a huge surprise waiting to shoot out of his balls. By the time she realizes what kind of surprise it is, and just how big it is, her whole body is covered in cum!

Standing in front of your man completely naked is one way to get his attention and its a way Pocahontas uses effectively to get her lover’s undivided attention. She knows he can’t ignore her nude teen body but even more than that, the nubile hottie knows he likes to get his dick jerked so she slides onto her knees and starts tugging his prick. The older guy is shocked but his legs open wider allowing the brunette babe to squeeze in closer to his crotch area.

Pocahontas is naked and trying to seduce her boyfriend Pocahontas is tugging down her boyfriend's shorts to get at his cock Pocahontas is begging for her boyfriends cum

Once she gets super close to his rock solid junk and balls, Pocahontas looks up at the lucky guy and begs him to cum for her. She’s hungry for cum and she’d rather get it from him so she shamelessly begs for it while tugging her man’s big prick. Her soft hands feel so good around his rock solid cock that the man closes his eyes and moans every time his hot teen girlfriend hits his sweet spots. He can feel a huge load building up in his balls and when he tenses up, Pocahontas jerks him off even faster while squeezing his big balls until a monster load shoots out of his dick drenching her! You should see the surprised look on her face when the jizz makes contact!

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