Amai Liu: Suck and Tug Turns Very Messy


Word on the street is that Joey spurts out monster loads and this piques Amai Liu’s curiosity. She wants to see first hand if there is any truth to this rumor so she invites Joey over to her house and then pounces on him as he grabs a snack in the kitchen. She’s too horny and too excited to take him to the bedroom and he’s too horny to care where he gets serviced as long as he gets a release so just like that, the duo gets down and dirty on the kitchen floor.

Giving a kitchen handjob is one of the many things Amai Liu gets to check off on her fuck bucket list but as this video from shows, it’s not the only thing she checks off. She loves big cocks and Joey happens to have one of those and since he’s super generous with it, he points it in her face and then leans back and watches her go to work on it. The tiny Asian babe uses two hands to work the dick until it hardens to her liking, then she lets her fingers drift from the tip to the balls and back.

Amai Liu doesn’t even try to hide her excitement as she feels the big dick pulsating in her hands and watching how Joey reacts to her tugging turns her on even more and makes her stroke his dick even faster than before. She wanks him hard and brings him to the edge of cumming and then she excitedly sits back and watches him finish himself off with great anticipation of what’s to come. She doesn’t have to wait very long because sooner rather than later, a huge cum load spurts onto her face, completely blinding her!

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