Talia’s Face Gets Flooded With Cum


This scene from should be called the “Cum Flood Talia Never Saw Coming” because it hits her in the face with such force that it catches her off guard and you can literally see her struggle to breath and squint through the creamy jizz on her face. It’s both beautiful and intriguing and it all starts with a make out session and a sensational tugjob that begins on the bed and ends up on the floor with the bursty babe thoroughly working a big prick with both her hands until her hard work pays off in the form of a monster load slammed against her smooth skin.

Talia is minding her own business when a man joins her and its obvious as daylight that the two have got a thing for each other so soon enough they start tonguing each other down which leads to the man sucking on the brunette beauty’s ample rack before she reaches for his balls. She fondles them while her left hand twists and turns on the tip of the cock and then she brings both hands together and clasps the cock in between her soft palms, kneading and teasing it until the lucky man can’t take it anymore.

She can feel him tense up as her prepares to cum so Talia slides off the bed and onto her knees on the floor where she continues to urgently tug the man’s cock and much to her delight, her expert stroking pays off big time when a gigantic load of cum shoots out of the man’s cock and lands right in her face, completely blinding her and almost suffocating her!

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