Shzanna West Betrays Her Hubby By Jerking Off His Friend


Shzanna West giving a handjobThere are loyal wives and then there is Shzanna West. As this new episode from shows, the slender brunette hottie is not loyal to her hubby and has no problem conveniently kicking her marital vows to the curb in a bid to satisfy her lusty desires. She’s a handjob slut who will tug any cock and today she wants so badly to jerk Bill’s cock and that’s exactly what she does, despite the fact that Bill is not the man she’s married to!

Shzanna West and her husband John are hanging out with his friend Bill when they realize how low their beer supply is. Being the good guy he is, John offers to run out and grab some more beer but unbeknownst to him, his horny wife fully intends to take advantage of his absence by stroking his friend’s cock. He’s hardly out of the door when she reaches into Bill’s pants and starts fondling his cock. She massages his shaved balls and runs her hands up and down his shaft until it hardens and then she gets to work on it.

Shzanna West jerking off her hubby's friend brunette teen hottie giving a handjob Shzanna West enjoys a cumbath

This babe may be slim but she’s got really toned arms and watching her flex her super toned arms on Bill’s schlong will get you all worked up and ready to burst your nut. She uses two hands work the massive man meat and she twists her hands in both the clock-wise and anti-clockwise directions as she strokes the cock from top to bottom and then she gets down on her knees and continues to jerk the lucky guy off until he shoots his load all over her. So how does John react when he walks in on his wife drenched in another man’s semen? Watch the full length video exclusively at to find out!

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