Jennifer Bliss Gets Sprayed With Man Goo


Jennifer Bliss is a good girlfriend. She has the best intentions and fully intends to spoil her boyfriend but sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work out and today is one of those times for this teen beauty. She wakes up intending to make a delicious breakfast for her boyfriend but sadly she doesn’t have any milk or eggs and he gets mad at her because he’s hungry and horny at the same time and since she can’t take care of the hunger part, he makes her take care of the horny part. The sizzling hot kitchen handjob can be viewed exclusively at

Planning is not Jennifer Bliss’ best attribute so it comes as no surprise that she doesn’t have the ingredients necessary to surprise her boyfriend with a romantic breakfast but she does have her two hands and since they aren’t too busy cooking, she decides to wrap them around his dick and jerk it hard right in the kitchen. The sexy brunette lowers her dress to show off her perfect perky tits as she alternates between stroking with one hand and stroking with two hands.

Then she slides completely out of her dress and kneels naked before her man and continues to focus on his dick. She rubs back and forth and twists side to side until he curls his toes as a stream of creamy man milk comes shooting out of his dick and splashes all over her petite body. You can see Jennifer Bliss and other hotties getting drenched only at

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