Charlee Chase Has 44F Fun Bags and Gets A Cumbath


Chalree Chase has to pay her debt with a handjobThis week’s update of brings us a brand new full length video and a photo set featuring Charlee Chase. This big breasted blonde owes money to a friend and decides to pay him with something besides money.

Vic came over to see if Charlee Chase had his money. She’s owed him $50 bucks for over 2 weeks now and still hasn’t paid him a dime. The beautiful blonde made her puppy dog eyes while whimpering an excuse to Vic. He wasn’t falling for the big breasted babe’s stall tactics this time. Firmly, Vic stated that he wanted the money and that was that. Charlee knew he was serious and desperation flooded her mind. She was going to have to come up with something to pay Vic this time and there wasn’t going to be any excuses accepted.

That’s when Charlee took matters into her own hands, literally. She reached out her hand and grabbed Vic’s dick through his pants. “How about I make you cum and you make my debt go away?” Charlee boldly asked Vic with a wicked grin on her face. This was an offer he couldn’t refuse and of course instantly accepted. Charlee took out Vic’s cock and began stroking it until it was hard. She then stripped off all of her clothes and knelt down in front of him. What an amazing site Vic had! A stunning blonde with huge breasts was on her knees and giving him a handjob for a mere $50. What a deal!

Charlee Chase grabs the crotch of man she owes money toCharlee Chase starts giving a handjob to a hard cockCharlee Chase is naked and on her knees giving a handjob

Vic took it all in and didn’t get too excited too fast. He wanted the hands of this hottie to stroke his dick for a long time. “Mmm…want to cum on me baby?” Charlee Chase said with a submissive tone. “You do, you do want to cum on me, don’t you?” Charlee asked as she again talked dirty to Vic. He wondered why she was doing that on top of the handjob. It was making him lose focus and get very excited. “I want you to shoot your load all over my naked body!” After hearing that come out of Charlee’s mouth Vic lost control!

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