Dakota Charms Causes Too Much Ejaculation


Dakota Charms helps an injured man as his nurseIn the latest update to, Dakota Charms is a nurse tech at her day job when an injured young man needs her help. She lends him a hand in more ways than one! Check out the full video and picture set that goes with this weekly update!

Dakota Charms is at her day job as a nurse tech when an injured young man comes into the office. She questions him about his symptoms and why he’s come to the office. The young man was clearly embarrassed and shyly said, “Male problems.” Dakota reassured him, “I’ve heard it all before, just say it, and I’m no prude.” The man then admitted he was having problems ejaculating. She comforted him and told the young man this was a common problem and that she would recommend to the doctor that he dispenses medication for treatment.

The young man stopped her and said, “No, you don’t understand. I ejaculate too much!” Now this intrigued Dakota Charms as she’s never heard a patient complain about such a thing before. She asked him to drop his pants so she could have a look. Everything seemed fine. He does have a nice cock and a big set of balls though. She examined it carefully, stroking it, lifting his balls and massaging them in her hands. Joey was sure this wasn’t the way a professional nurse should act, but what the hell, it felt good.

Dakota Charms takes the cock of her patient into her handsDakota Charms starts to jerk off her patient's cock in the doctor's officeDakota Charms shows her tiny tits as she wanks a patient

He started getting harder, longer, and thicker. Dakota lost herself in his cock and forgot about her job or duty as a nurse. She just started stroking the young man curious about how big his dick had become and how swollen his balls were. Dakota Charms kept squeezing and stroking his shaft while tickling his balls and wondered just what his load would look like. The young man moaned as Dakota gave him one of the best handjobs he’s ever had.

That’s when he let out one big final moan! Dakota was about to get the surprise of a lifetime! Check out the rest of this story and the video to see how it all turns out inside the member’s are at!

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