Melanie Hicks Is a Teen Cum Catcher


Melanie Hicks takes her boyfriend into the janitor's closet at schoolThis week’s update of brings a new video and photo set featuring teen babe Melanie Hicks. Melanie is a bad girl who skips class with her boyfriend to have a sexual adventure in the janitor’s closet.

Melanie Hicks pleaded with her boyfriend to skip the math class they had coming up next period. She hated math and she loved her boyfriend. They spent so little time together and she wanted an entire period alone with him. He was resisting the offer not wanting to get himself in trouble, so Melanie had to sweeten the deal. “I’ll give you a handjob if you skip with me!” That was all it took and Melanie’s boyfriend agreed. She giggled with excitement and took her boyfriend by the hand leading him down the stairs to the school basement.

Melanie Hicks unzips her boyfriend's pants in the janitor's closetMelanie Hicks jerks off her boyfriend between classes at schoolMelanie Hicks prepares for her boyfriend's cum shot

When downstairs they saw the janitor’s closes and Melanie guided her boyfriend by the hand inside. She sat him down on an old folding chair and unzipped his pants to fulfill her promise. They both knew if anyone walked in they were screwed for skipping class and for being sexual deviants on school grounds. The risk was worth the reward though, and they both continued. Melanie Hicks used her tiny teen hands to stroke her boyfriend’s limp cock until it was hard. She even dropped the straps of her shirt and showed off her teen tits to give her boyfriend something to look at while he got a handjob.

The teen babe stroked her boyfriend’s hard cock up and down. Melanie Hicks noticed something odd as her hands massaged her boyfriend’s shaft. He was much thicker, much longer, and his balls were much bigger today. She wasn’t sure why he suddenly had grown, but she was quite impressed. The more she stroked, the more he thickened. His balls were huge; she couldn’t even cup them with just one of her petite hands. His cock was so thick and long that she used both of her hands to keep giving him a handjob. She was amazed by her boyfriend’s girth and felt proud to have such a large cock in her hands. Then, it erupted without warning!

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