Kimmy Lee Jerks Off Her Sister’s Boyfriend


Kimmy Lee enjoys a messy cumbathA general rule of thumb is never to leave your boyfriend in your sister’s company especially if your sister is as hot as Kimmy Lee and you just happen to be having some seriously major issues in your relationship. Unfortunately that is exactly what Kimmy’s sister does in this episode from and the within no time, her boyfriend is pouring his heart out to the hot Asian babe who is so sympathetic for all the crap he’s dealing with that she decides to give him a handjob to cheer him up.

Kimmy Lee is a scheming little vixen especially when it comes to her sister’s boyfriend. She lures him in by pretending to care about his relationship troubles but all she really wants to do is get her hands on his stiff prick. She’s successful in doing that because the horny guy doesn’t object when she slides her hands into his pants and fondles his cock until it hardens. Then she takes the pants off completely exposing his erection and then she takes her time proving why she’s so much better at giving handjobs than her sister.

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The big boobed Asian slut undresses and with her hair tied back, she bends over and grabs the big dick before her with one hand jerking it back and forth real hard. Then she gets off the bed and onto her knees while her sister’s boyfriend towers over her and she strokes his cock using fast strokes and she does not slow down at all until a huge fountain of jizz comes gushing out, drenching her entire body.

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